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1.The following shall be the constitution of Jesus College Boat Club, Oxford, hereinafter referred to as “JCBC” or the “Club”. The JCBC Committee shall be referred to as the “Committee”.

2.The membership of JCBC shall consist of –

a.Ordinary Members, being all present junior members of Jesus College who have rowed or coxed in a JCBC boat, and such former members who left College less than one month previously;

b.All members of the Cadwallader Club, who shall have no voting rights, but shall be entitled and encouraged to take part in general JCBC matters; and

c.Honorary Members, who shall have no voting rights, but shall be entitled and encouraged to take part in general JCBC matters. Honorary Members shall be elected at the discretion of JCBC by the unanimous vote of the Committee.

3.The Senior Member of JCBC is the Home Bursar of Jesus College or such other Senior Member of Jesus College as the Committee and Jesus College shall, in agreement, appoint.

4.It is to be noted that, as Senior Member, he also has the following responsibilities, which are shared with the Home Bursar of Jesus College –

a.In liaison with the Boatman, for the acquisition, maintenance and use of JCBC equipment, as well as the Boathouse itself; and

b.For all matters concerning Amalgamated Clubs and insurance, except with regard to equipment owned by JCBC.


5.The members of the Committee shall be members of JCBC, who shall be nominated by the outgoing Committee, and shall administer JCBC in the following order of priority –

  1. The President (or Co-presidents), who shall have been a member of the previous committee and shall provide continuity and advice for the current committee. They shall be responsible for chairing meetings, investigating sponsorship and liaising with the Cadwallader Club. They will have access to the JCBC website and social media accounts;
  2. The Boat Club Captains (one Men’s, one Women’s), who shall be responsible for the selection and training of all crews. They shall share responsibility for the organisation of the Club, and shall be responsible, in liaison with the Boatman for consulting the Home Bursar or the Senior Member about the acquisition, maintenance, and use of JCBC equipment;
  3. The Vice-Captains (one Men’s, one Women’s), who shall assume the Captain’s responsibilities in his/her absence, and shall be responsible, together with the Captain, for the training of the lower boats;
  4. The Boathouse Manager, who shall primarily be responsible for all issues of safety for JCBC, notably understanding the notes and the requirements of the British Rowing Code of Practice for Water, their prominent display at all times, and the completion and implementation of a safety audit. They will also be responsible for the upkeep of the boathouse, ensuring good condition of equipment (excluding boats and blades) and materials, and where necessary, arranging for their repair and cleaning.

e.The Treasurer, who shall keep account of non-public monies received (see Schedule 3 for public monies) and expended by JCBC, and shall submit to the Committee a complete and updated account of these monies at the start of each academic term and whenever requested by the Committee;

f.The Secretary, who shall –

i.conduct correspondence on behalf of JCBC;

ii.summon and keep a record of Committee meetings;

iii.issue all notes and circulars;

iv.enter crews for competition at the request of the Captains; responsible for the production and distribution of the JCBC Annual Report, to be completed by the last day of Trinity Term, together with periodic reports of Club performance for publication in the College Record or for other College purposes;

vi.liaise with the Oxford University Rowing Clubs (hereinafter “OURCs”) to ensure that the JCBC provides any assistance required of the College in the effective management of Torpids and Eights week (i.e. in the provision of Marshals, Umpires and Stewards); and responsible for the maintenance of the JCBC website and social media accounts.

  1. The Captain of Coxing, who shall be responsible for the selection and training of coxes, and the upkeep of coxing equipment.

h.The Stash Secretary, who shall be responsible for the ordering and distribution of JCBC clothing and photographs;

i.The two Social Secretaries (one male, one female), who shall arrange, co-ordinate and publicise all JCBC social events according to the wishes of the Committee. They will also ensure that the Boat Club bar is used only by Jesus College members and their guests.


6.Club and Committee meetings shall be chaired by the most senior officer present.

Calling of Meetings:

7.The full Committee shall assemble for at least three ordinary meetings in each academic term.

8.Extraordinary Committee meetings are to be called by either of the Captains on their own authority, or at the request of a majority of the full Committee.

Emergency Meetings:

10.Emergency meetings. See Clause 18.

Notice of Meetings:

14.Notice of all meetings of JCBC and the Committee, except as provided in Clause 18, shall be posted at least 48 hours before the meeting.

17.Changes affecting the Constitution of JCBC or any Committee decision which contravenes the Constitution of JCBC requires the unanimous assent of the full Committee, or the assent by vote of at least two-thirds of the members present at a Club meeting who shall be not less than one-quarter of all Ordinary Members.

18.In an emergency a Committee meeting may be called with less than the notice required by Clause 14, if the consent of both of the Captains is obtained. The agenda shall be posted at the same time that the meeting shall be called, and the discussion shall be limited to those matters for which the meeting shall have been called.

Agenda of Meetings:

19.The agenda for meetings shall be posted at least 24 hours before the meeting.

20.Every agenda will include reports by the Water Safety Advisor, the Treasurer, and the two Committee Persons, in addition to each of the Captains.


21.General –

a.The standing orders shall apply to all meetings of JCBC and of the Committee;

b.The chairperson shall be the sole interpreter of the Constitution and the standing orders, subject to the right of any member to challenge a ruling as provided in the Standing Orders, Clause 23(f)(viii);

c.Members shall address all their remarks to the chair;

d.Limitations of speeches and/or discussions shall be at the discretion of the chairperson;

e.The right of priority in speaking on any particular motion shall be at the discretion of the chairperson;

f.Points of order, which take precedence, may be raised by any member;

g.Points of information may be raised, provided that the speaker occupying the floor signifies his intention of giving way; and

h.Visitors may be admitted, or asked to leave, only at the discretion of the chairperson, or by a vote of the House.

22.Voting –

a.All motions shall require a simple majority, except where otherwise specified by the Constitution;

b.Voting shall be by a show of hands. A count will be taken at the discretion of the chairperson or at the request of any member of JCBC. A count shall be taken at the beginning of each Club meeting, or when requested as a point of order, to ensure that a quorum is present.

23.Motions and amendments at Club meetings –

a.Motions not on the agenda may be introduced only at the approval of one half of the members present. Every such motion shall have been proposed and seconded;

b.Motions at Club meetings requiring expenditure of money from Club accounts and constitutional motions shall not be accepted, unless they are on the agenda;

c.The proposer of any motion or amendment shall have the right to reply immediately before the vote is taken;

d.Amendments may be proposed either before or during the meeting;

e.Only one amendment to any motion shall be put before the meeting at any one time. The Club shall vote upon the amendment which, if carried, the motion as amended shall become the substantive motion;

f.The following procedural motions may be put to the House –

i.That the motion be now put/not put;

ii.That visitors be requested to leave/be re-admitted;

iii.That voting be by ballot;

iv.That the meeting be closed;

v.That the motion be put/not put in parts;

vi.That a move be made to discuss any other item of business on the agenda;

vii.A vote of no confidence in the chairperson;

viii.That the chairperson’s ruling be challenged;

ix.That the matter lie on the table for the reconsideration at the chairperson’s discretion;

x.That the matter be postponed or adjourned;

xi.That the matter be re-admitted to the Committee.

g.Procedural motions (vii) or (viii) shall have precedence;

h.When the procedural motion (vii) or (viii) is proposed or seconded the chairperson shall leave the chair to be replaced by the next most senior member present;

i.Voting for procedural motion (vii) or (viii) should always be by ballot;

j.Procedural motion (viii) shall require for passage a two-thirds majority, or never less than one half of Ordinary Members.


1.New officers of the Committee shall be nominated annually.

2.Nominations shall be decided at the latest by the Saturday of fifth week of Trinity Term.

3.The new Committee shall take office on the Sunday of sixth week in Trinity Term.

4.The Captains shall together nominate members for the incoming Committee, and shall present their nominations to the outgoing Committee.

5.Nominations require the assent by vote of the full outgoing Committee before the nominee shall gain office.

6.In the event of both Captains failing to agree upon a single nomination for a given office, then both nominations shall be presented to the full outgoing Committee for assent by vote.

7.In the event of a vote for a nomination proving inconclusive, there shall be a second vote.

8.In the event of a second vote proving inconclusive, the outgoing Men’s Captain shall have the casting vote for the offices of incoming Men’s Captain and Men’s Vice-Captain, and the outgoing Women’s Captain shall have the casting vote for the offices of incoming Women’s Captain and Women’s Vice-Captain.

9.In the event of a second vote proving inconclusive, the outgoing Men’s Captain shall have the casting vote for the office of Treasurer, and the outgoing Women’s Captain shall have the casting vote for the office of Secretary.

10.No member shall hold the same office of the Committee for a duration of greater than one year.

11.In the event of an office of the Committee becoming vacant, the remaining officers shall be responsible for fulfilling those duties. The nomination for the vacant office shall be held within seven days. The procedure shall be as in Clauses 4 to 8 of this Schedule.


1.A vote of no confidence in any Committee officer shall be taken in the event of that officer failing adequately to carry out the duties of his/her office.

2.A vote of no confidence shall be proposed and seconded by officers of the Committee, and shall be called before or during the proceedings of a Committee meeting.

3.The vote shall be carried with the assent by vote of at least two-thirds of the full Committee.

4.In the event of a vote of no confidence being carried, the nomination for the vacant office shall be held within seven days. The procedure shall be as in Clauses 4 to 8 of Schedule 1.


1.All public money allocated to the Club must be separately accounted for through the Home Bursar.

2.Club officials’ responsibilities in this respect are to ensure that no public money is expended without the authority of the Home Bursar and that, when such authority is give, either an invoice is presented to the Home Bursar for direct payment, or a receipt submitted to permit reimbursement of JCBC non-public money.