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Hi, I’m Simon, a 4th year Chemist, and this year’s President. My role is to essentially oversee everything that is going on in JCBC. I also liaise a lot with College and the Cadwallader Club, (made up of alumni that used to be part of the boat club when they were at Jesus).

Women’s Captain


Hi, I’m Mari, a second year linguist, and I’ll be this year’s Women’s Captain. I’ll be organising outings and training for the women’s first boat. Hopefully you’ll enjoy your time with JCBC as much as I have so far!

Men’s Captain


Hi, I’m Ben. I’m a 4th Year Chemist so I have a plethora of JCBC wisdom and experience to offer. I’ll be in the shadowy backgrounds of JCBC for Michaelmas as I recover from a planned operation in September, but will be back in full force in time for Torpids to lead M1 as Captain for the remaining part of the year.

Men’s Vice-



Hi, I’m Matt, this year’s men’s vice captain. I’m a second-year geographer, and so in-between colouring I will be organising coaching and outings for the novice crews.

Women’s Vice-



Hey, I’m Ashleigh, a second year lawyer and this year’s Women’s Vice Captain. I’ll be responsible for organising outings for the novice and lower crews, hopefully avoiding any dunks in the river along the way!

Social Sec


Hi, I’m Clara, a second year English student and this term’s Social Secretary. I’m responsible for organising JCBC social events, which range from movie nights to infamous crewdates, but can really include anything! Please feel free to contact me with any ideas you might have!

Captain of



Hey, I’m Beri and I’m this year’s Captain of Coxes. I’m a second year historian and I row as well as cox. I’m responsible for the training of coxes, maintenance of coxing equipment, status upgrades and deciding who coxes which crew, as well as nagging everybody to go to coxing briefings and hosting coxing welfare teas, featuring some racing horror stories…



Hi, I’m Elliott, a 4th year linguist, and I both row and cox for JCBC. I’m also this year’s Secretary on the committee. My role includes entering crews for events, liaising with Oxford University Rowing Clubs and managing the (stylish and functional) JCBC website.



Hi, I’m Amy, a 5th year medic. I’m this year’s MCR Rep, for which my role includes making sure members of the MCR are kept up to date with JCBC events, as well as making sure that any that want to try rowing get the chance to!



Hi everyone, I’m Ben! I’m a third year engineer (just about) and somehow a bit of an old man already. I’m this year’s Treasurer so I’ll be helping with budgeting and maintaining the glory of the best boat club in Ox.




Hello! I’m Keelin, a second year geographer and your Boathouse Manager for this year. As well as being responsible for issues of safety for JCBC, my job involves ensuring our boathouse and equipment are the most fabulous on the Isis. Please let me know about any boathouse/equipment related queries or anything else!




Hi, I’m Amy, a second year Classicist and this year’s Development Officer. Basically, I’m responsible for developing the resources of the boat club, both financially and through expanding the club’s equipment. Please get in touch with me if you have any ideas/questions etc. as I’d love to hear from you!

Kit Officer


Hi! I’m Seren, a second year medic. I row for Jesus, although with my height coxing is probably a better option. Arthur and I are the kit officers for this year, we’ll be the ones ordering all JCBC-related stash (kit), from socks and hats, to unisuits and splash jackets, and of course the most prized possession of all – the stag leggings!

Kit Officer


Hi, I’m Arthur, a 2nd year engineer and joint kit officer with Seren. Our job is to make sure you guys are kitted out with the finest stash on the Isis, so you can look good while rowing fast!