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Hey, the name’s Peter, I’m a fourth year Chemist and President of JCBC for the 2019-2020 season. Essentially, I make sure everything is running smoothly. I oversee the committee, liaise with the Cad Club and, more generally, help out and give advice where needed. My most important role is to coordinate the Training Camps and Rowing Exchanges – great opportunities to get stuck into all things JCBC! Don’t hesitate to shoot me your questions and concerns, I’m happy to help out!

Women’s Captain

Hi! I’m Laurel, a second year English student. This year I’m taking on the role of Women’s Captain for JCBC, which means a lot of organising outings, liaison with coaches, and pretending to know what I’m doing! I’ve only been rowing for a year, so if I can do it, you definitely can!

Men’s Captain

Hi. I’m Liam, a 4th year Chemist. I’m the Men’s Captain for this year, so I’ll be responsible for the senior men’s squad. I only started rowing at Uni, so have trained at all levels within the club and would definitely recommend rowing with JCBC to anyone who wants to give it a try!

Men’s Vice-


Hi everyone, my name is Hector and I’m the JCBC men’s vice captain. That means I’m in charge of running the colleges mens second boat, recruiting freshers, getting crews together and getting them out on to the water with a coach! Do feel free to say hi if you are keen on starting up rowing next year.

Women’s Vice-


Hi, I’m Seren, (yes another one!) a second year Geography student. I’m the women’s Vice Captain this year. It’s my job to organise the rowing taster session for freshers and get as many dedicated people into JCBC as possible. Last year was the first time I had sat in a boat, so I know it can be daunting, but I will help to lead my crew from their first strokes up to racing in Torpids and Eights, the biggest rowing tournaments in Oxford! JCBC is all about fun, so I can’t wait to see you there!

Social Sec

Owen Winter

Hi, I’m Owen, a third year studying History and Politics. I’m the social secretary for Michaelmas 2019 so I’ll be organising loads of fun (see: non-rowing) events for everyone to get involved with. I particularly want to make the club as welcoming as possible for the new members joining up at the start of the year.

Captain of


Hanako Takahashi-Johnson 

Hiya, I’m Hanako, a second year philosophy and theology student and this year’s captain of the coxes. My job is to make sure everything to do with coxing runs smoothly and everybody who wants to can give it a go!


Hi everyone! I’m Amy, a third year Classicist. My job this year is boat club secretary, which includes entering crews for events, liaising with Oxford University Rowing Clubs and managing the JCBC website.


Hey, I’m Matt, a third year colouring-inner. I’m the boat club treasurer for the year. I’m responsible for handling all the club’s finances which mostly includes paying fines for dodgy rowing and chasing up late stash and subs payments like a very passive-aggressive debt collector.

Development Officer

Hi! I’m Seren, a third year medic. I’m the Development Officer for this year, which means I’m responsible for expanding the club’s resources, ensuring we have the provisions necessary to train hard both on and off the water and ultimately compete (and win!;))

Kit Officer

Hi all, my name is Angus and I’m a second year engineer. This year I am stash secretary, so I run all the orders for rowing kit and corresponding with the suppliers and distributing the kit to all who bought it!