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The Cadwallader Club was revitalised in 1974 by a group of alumni with the aim of providing a forum through which old JCBC members could keep in touch both with each other and the boat club. At the same time, The Cadwallader Trust was set up to receive contributions from old members to help support the current JCBC in view of the high cost of the equipment  needed for a successful Boat Club.

The 1999 1st VIII take on members of the 2011 senior squad

In both aims they have been very successful, with the dinner now regularly attended by over 70 Old Members and the Trust has contributed most recently towards the cost of new boats and blades for the women’s and men’s 1st VIII’s.

It has been a pleasure to welcome non-rowing Old Members who have supported the Boat Club to the dinner as well as ex JCBC oarsmen. Looking at the list of contributors and attendees some years are better represented than others and the Club would like to encourage a more even spread of support.

Even a small regular contribution to the Trust builds up into a useful amount and even at this time when the College is planning its own fund raising initiatives, the Club would ask particularly those who have enjoyed rowing at College and therefore benefited from Trust support in the past, to contribute now to build on past successes.

The charity linked to the club raises money to help the boat club and has most recently contributed £12,000 towards the purchase of a new eight and £3000 towards the refurbishment of other boats.

In 2014, as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations, the club raised funds to refurbish the figurehead of the old Jesus College barge, which is once more a splendid dragon. The Summer Eights garden party this year topped off the celebrations with great success! We hold an annual dinner in college in September before term each year. All alumni and students who support rowing are welcome.

The club would be delighted to hear from anyone who wants to find out more about our anniversary celebrations or donate to the charity – small regular donations make a real difference.

The latest Cadwallader newsletter can be found here.

If you are interested in attending the annual Cadwallader Club dinner, or making a donation to the Cadwallader Trust, contact Anna Caffyn at . You can also keep in touch with the Cadwallader Club on Twitter @CadwalladerClub and Facebook.