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JCBC had an entertaining performance down at the river today. In Men’s Division 7 and 6, The Vikings claimed the sandwich boat position with ease after a klaxon stopped racing as they passed by Donnigton Bridge. Unfortuantely, they were unable to bump into Division 6, and will be chased by a fast and rising St. Anthony’s crew tomorrow.

The women’s Second Eight had another row over today, however it was due to a klaxon. They will be chasing St. Hilda’s II tomorrow to gain the poll position in Division 5, and attempt to bump into the fixed divisions.

Both the Men’s Second Eight and Third Eight were bumped today, and both will be looking for revenge tomorrow. Especially for the Second Eight, where they bumped St. Edmund’s Hall II on Thursday, only to be bumped by them today.

The real action came in the upper divisions, when the Men’s First Eight knew that Lincoln would bump out early, and would be chased by a powerful Pembroke II who were coming off a strong Torpids performance. The race plan was executed perfectly and with a final sprint to the finish, the Men were several lengths ahead of Pembroke II, ending their run for blades.

However, the highlight of the day was delivered by the Women’s First Eight. They were chasing a falling Worcester crew, and were about half a length off of them as they approached boat house island. As if waiting to put on a show, and energized with cries of “JJJEEEEEEESSSUUUUSS!!!”, the women easily closed the gap on Worcester to bump right in front of the Jesus boat house.

Tomorrow’s racing times are one hour earlier than today’s, and there are potentially two sandwich boats. Here is the full list, with all possible races listed:

W1: 4:15 pm (Women’s Div II, bung line #3, chasing Sommerville)
W2: 1:45 pm [high probability] (Women’s Div IV, bung line #14, chasing Lincoln III)
W2: 12:45 pm (Women’s Div V, bung line #2, chasing St. Hilda’s II)

M1: 4:45 pm (Men’s Div II, bung line #7, chasing Brasenose)
M2: 2:40 pm (Men’s Div IV, bung line #4, chasing St. Edmund’s Hall II)
M3: 1:20 pm (Men’s Div V, bung line #11, chasing University IIl)
Vikings [certainly]: 12:15 pm (Men’s Div VI, bung line #14, chasing Hertford III)
Vikings: 11:00 am (Men’s Div VII, bung line #1, staying out of the way)

The wonderful Jesus staff will be down at the boat house serving burgers and Pimm’s all day Saturday! See you there!

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