Eights Week 2016: Thursday

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Today was a beautiful day on the river – the sun was out all day lifting the spirits of everyone down by the river.

On the Women’s side both the First Eight and Second Eight managed a row over. The women’s First Eight will be looking to catch a falling Worcester crew tomorrow. Likewise the Second Eight will be chasing a rapidly falling St. Hilda’s Second crew.

As with every day, the Vikings kicked off the proceedings for JCBC with an easy bump on Merton III, putting them to the top of Division VII. As a consequence, the long ship sailed again at the bottom of Division VI. They were denied a second bump on the day thanks to the entire division bumping out ahead them save a single crew 11 bung lines ahead. Tomorrow, they will be chasing Hertford III on their quest for blades.

Jesus Second Eight just after bumping St. Edmund's Hall II.

Jesus Second Eight just after bumping St. Edmund’s Hall II.

The Jesus Third Eight was unfortunately bumped by Queen’s II, in a row that would be later be describes as “not great”. And the Second Eight bump up thanks to a falling St. Edmund’s Hall II. Finally, the First Eight had another row over today, challenging Lincoln a bit harder today. They are looking forward to challenging Lincoln again tomorrow for the “Turl St. Headship”.

Here is the updated list of tomorrow’s races:
W1: 5:15 pm (Women’s Div II, bung line #4, chasing Worcester)
W2: 1:45 pm (Women’s Div V, bung line #2, chasing St. Hilda’s II)
M1: 5:45 pm (Men’s Div II, bung line #7, chasing Lincoln) [again]
M2: 3:40 pm (Men’s Div IV, bung line #3, chasing St. Peter’s II)
M3: 2:20 pm (Men’s Div V, bung line #10, chasing Queen’s IIl)
Vikings [almost certainly]: 1:15 pm (Men’s Div VI, bung line #14, chasing Hertford III)
Vikings: 12:00 pm (Men’s Div VII, bung line #1, staying out of the way)
See you on the river!
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