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Another Torpids campaign has come and gone, wrapping up an intense Hillary Term of training. Overall, the men and women of JCBC had a very successful bumps season: +4 for the men, and +2 for the women, for a total of +6 as a club. Now for a boat-by-boat analysis, starting with the W1 blades:

Jesus College Women's 1st Torpid 2016.

Jesus College Women’s 1st Torpid 2016.

Jesus Women’s 1st Torpid: Over the past year, the women of JCBC have been working extremely hard under their coach, Jonathan Harrison, to take advantage of every second of water time available. Their hard work paid dividends this season with textbook bumps on Corpus Christi, St Catherine’s, Worcester and Lady Margaret Hall. This was also a special moment for their cox, Tom Coles, who has given so much of his time to JCBC, we are all starting to worry about his studies. He will be sorely missed next year, after his JCBC retirement (graduation).

Jesus College Men's 1st Torpid Torpid.

Jesus College Men’s 1st Torpid Torpid.

Jesus Men’s 1st Torpid: Despite a grueling term of training, the men have proved without a doubt that ergs do not float. Hampered by ever changing river conditions on the Isis, the men were not as technically sharp as their competitors, thus were even for the week. They rowed over (did not bump, or get bumped) on their first day, and then were bumped in the most controversial of circumstances by University College. After numerous appeals, the bump on M1 was confirmed at 11pm of the second day of Torpids. On the third day, the men had a an easy row over, almost catching St. Anne’s for the over-bump at the finish line. On Saturday, M1 finished what they started with St. Anne’s, and bumped them just after Donnigton Bridge.

Jesus College Men's 2nd Torpid 2016.

Jesus College Men’s 2nd Torpid 2016.

Jesus Men’s 2nd Torpid: The deep squad of Jesus men this year ensured that M2 was filled with some strong men. As a consequence, they bumped Trinity II, St John’s II, New College II, and Christ Church II to finish at the top of Division four, and earning blades for the second year in a row. In addition, they almost succeeded in bumping into Division III with an incredible push down boathouse island to come  to within a canvas of Oriel II.

Jesus Women’s 2nd Torpid: W2 had a mixed campaign this year, bumping GTC II on their first day, then rowing over for the next two days. On the final day they got into some trouble, falling three places after being bumped by Oriel II, University II, and Wolfson II. Despite this, the women are looking stronger every day and are looking forward to Summer Eights.

Jesus Men’s 3rd Torpid: Last but not least, the Men entered a third, scratch crew for the “Rowing-On” divisions. These are divisions at the bottom of the fixed divisions, and entry is determined with a time trial race. Despite their lack of water time, the M3 put together a great performance, but came just short of making it into the bumps racing.

This year’s Torpids campaign will be remembered by the double blades, and the every-changing river conditions throughout Hillary Term. Looking forward to Eights!

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