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Report By: Damien Frost

For as long as I have been a rower at Jesus, we have been fortunate enough to be able to train on the Tideway in London during 0th week of Hillary Term. This is all thanks to the support from the Cadwalldaer Club, who organizes the event, and the Thames Rowing Club, our hosts.

Rowing camp is an excellent way we get our fitness levels back, after weeks of gorging on turkey and Christmas pudding. Additionally, it is a great time to start integrating the Novices with the Senior crews, on a seemingly endless stretch of river. This year was no different.

The training regime for the men was fairly busy: two outings a day, plus a session in the gym. Our favorite outing by far was when TRC lent us two of their fours, and we were able to spend all day chasing each other in the boats. That was easily the toughest day of training, something I felt for a week afterwards.

On the women’s side, they managed three grueling outings per day. Their efforts were clearly visible by the number of bandages on their hands. The video below is of the women looking silky smooth in the fours.

In summary, this year’s training camp went very smoothly. It only rained for one day, an impressive statistic for a January week in London. All of the rowers at Jesus would like to thank everyone that made this happen: our President for organizing the event, TRC who hosted us on the river, and all of the alumni and friends who hosted rowers for the week in London. We hope to see you next year!

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