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The Novice’s dream: The Chrich Church Regatta. Three Jesus crews took to the Isis in this year’s penultimate event for Novices. Here is what they had to say:

W1 Report By: Marianne Tay

Christ Church Regatta taught me a few things about rowing. Firstly that your lips will turn blue if you have to wait for three canal barges to pass you on the Isis. Secondly that my crew mates do not appreciate having Justin Bieber and R Kelly rapped to them in the boat, despite my flawless impressions. And lastly that no matter how many crabs you catch in a race, your team will still get out of the boat and tell you that no one noticed even at near capsize point. Our journey to round three was a tough one. As we dared to increase the rate above 24, our first victory over Hertford was tainted by feedback of “frantic and out of time strokes.” We shone in our second race against Lincoln as we fought neck and neck to the finish line. Luckily we had the faith of our college behind us, who quickly turned their slow claps and pity nods into cheers upon learning that we had actually won. And in round three we were happy to admit defeat to Wadham women who shot off the start line before Jo’s hand was even down. All in all we had a great time, did ourselves proud and would like to sincerely thank Jesus for our success.

M1 Report By: Constantin Reiprecht

My Christ Church 2015 experience was as much about rowing as it was about discovering a whole new tribe: the rowers. I’ll start with racing. Thanks to first-class cheese-based entertainment by Chloe and Ellie before the start – “What cheese can you disguise a horse with? Mascapone” and “What does cheese say to itself in the mirror? Halloumi” – we were ready to go and defeat Lincoln. The race started well, we got into a nice rhythm and pushed away. The crowds were screaming. While we thought they were screaming “Jesus” they actually shouted “Stop”. Our cox Chloe soon joined in and wanted us to stop. However, she could not quite convince us, we upheld cold, hard aggression, kept going for quite a while and almost got ourselves disqualified. The second race against Oriel MA was our best rowing so far; the aggression was even colder and harder than before. Unfortunately we lost by half a length but still felt we did Jesus proud and pushed really hard.
Now to ChCh curry and discovering the tribe of rowers. It was a really fun evening with lots of pennies hitting people’s heads and many more drinking rules I was definitely not aware of. At times I felt like an ethnographer studying a foreign tribe and I tried my best to imitate their behaviour, assimilate and integrate into the group. In the words of another novice: “they could have spoken Chinese, it wouldn’t have changed anything, I didn’t understand what was going on..” I agree. Throwing pennies, drinking, up on the chair and down again – it all challenged my limited multitasking abilities. However, the learning curve was at least as steep as with rowing itself; bring on the next curry.
As you can tell, I clearly missed out on sports societies so far and I am looking forward to rowing again in Hilary.

M2 Report By: Luke Green

My memories of Christchurch 2015 will be dominated by the bitter cold. The cold one experiences at 6 30 on a November morning. The cold brought on by the spray from square blades in an unbalanced boat wetting me from head to foot. And the cold hard aggression required in order to crush your opponents and taste the sweet taste of victory. Jesus MB (otherwise known as A-team killers) are a fairly light crew and so were not backed for significant success. It was a pleasant feeling then when we progressed all the round 3 of Christchurch and were able to show MA how to really row. Our last race of the campaign against Wadham A however proved to be our downfall. The crowds were watching on at our technical brilliance as we held them for the most part of the race but unfortunately, they managed to pull away to due their superior power. Suffice to say all we need to do is to hit the gym and we’ll be dead certs for blades at torpids. #staydench #bleegreen

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