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Friday- senior racing
The women were squared up against Baliol for thier first 3 races, and beat them thorougly every time. The second race in the four against Balliol A was a particular highlight-the technical work over the term paid off. The eight lost their second race against New College, but put in a good performance, with the crew managing to keep their strokes long and controlled. The biting cold triggered an asthma attack from Lucy, so whilst she was being looked after the four raced with Rose stepping up to sub. Despite an unfortunate crab, losing the final didn’t feel so bad!  The men meanwhile raced a solid race against Queens, beating them by a long margin. They lost their second race against Wolfson, who went on to win. The Row Sab confirmed that all the Jesus crews out on Friday were just after the winning boats in terms of speed, so all in all a good day’s racing!

Saturday-the novices had their first go at side by side racing in some very tricky windnepthys 2
Disappointed novice coxes stepped down to let sarcastic twins James Marsden and Tom Coles do the honours. The Men’s A lost to Balliol- after a panicked start they regained a lot of water by the end. There was a good deal of frustration when told that with 50 yards more they would have won-but that bodes well for the longer ChristChurch course. The Men’s B won their first race, showing some impressive timing and neat bladework. Meanwhile the women had an alarmingly relaxed friendly race against Brasenose B, more style than speed perhaps. Their next race was a lot tougher, but they put in a good effort only to be beaten by St Anthonys. Now novices have had their first go at racing, the pressure’s on for Christchurch this week.
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