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It’s been another thrilling day at the boathouse:Pushing off

W2 were bumped by St. Hughs II. They will be evading Green Templeton tomorrow, who are looking for blades.

The Valkyries bumped Brasnose, and look set to give spoons to Worcester tomorrow.

M3 were finally able to pump Pembroke, and will get another go at St. Annes tomorrow.

M2 bumped St. Catz with ease. Tomorrow they may have Worcester for blades!

W1 were tragically bumped by New by the boathouse, after a valiant effort. They look to disappoint St. Annes tomorrow.

M1 rowed over after getting rather too close to Exeter. They will be hard pressed to avoid St. Peters tomorrow.

We are now +5 for the week. Tomorrow we have a bar and barbecue at the boathouse, so be sure to come down. Races are running from 12.45 to 4.45.

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