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Today started with W2 and the Valkyries keen to get bumping. Unfortunately W2 suffered a crab which lead to them getting bumped by Somerville. The Valkyries were able to cruise off ahead and bump Queens.

Soon after, M3 went off to make up the bump they were so cruelly denied by the klaxon yesterday. After getting close, the bumps fever set in and coach Nick Fulton, rowing as an associate in the stroke seat, caught a crab! The crew recovered just as Wadham gained overlap, and only avoided being bumped after some truly bold steering from JCBC stalwart Tom Baker. M3 survived, but Nick Fulton has died of shame.

Only an hour later M2 found themselves on the start line, following the terrifying Wolfson II. Amazingly, M2 gained steadily on Wolfson and bumped them neatly as they came out of the gut.

W1 were unable to bump Worcester during a tidy row over, which leaves them exposed to the fearsome New college tomorrow. This will be the first time in several years in which the women’s regular side do not get blades.

M1 had perhaps the most anticipated race of the day, chasing Exeter. Two years ago, we had overlap on the men in red, but were crippled by a crab. Would we erase those painful memories today? As the race began our rowers were tense and nervy, and struggled in the rough water following Exeter. Fortunately, there was simply too much power in M1 for any resistance, so Exeter were bumped (three times!) as they exited the gut.

Despite losing our clean sheet for getting bumped, it was another cracker, leaving us +4 over two days.

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