Summer VIIIs Day One

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Day One began with W2 and the Valkyries racing next to each other in Women’s division V. Although briefly closing on each other, both crews rowed over as the rest of the division bumped out.

M3 (complete with some Vikings) blitzed off the start of Men’s division V, and closed to half a length off St. Annes. Unfortunately, a Pembroke boat ahead decided that once it had been bumped, they may as well block the entire river below Donnington bridge. The race was klaxoned and M3 were left without their bump.

M2 raced shortly after in Men’s division 4. They closed steadily with Merton and bumped them before the gut. The Merton cox regretted not conceding earlier.

W1 found themselves in the middle of a three boat sandwich, but were able to bump St.Catz before being bumped themselves.

In the last Jesus race of the day M1 had crews ahead bump out, and left Christchurch II behind, having a neat row-over.

Overall, two crews bumped, and none were bumped. Bring on tomorrow!


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