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We are finally here, the biggest event of the JCBC calandar. Summer VIIIs.

This year, JCBC will be looking to make this event bigger than ever. We will be looking to benefit from our increased professional training and the men’s new boat (which will be named on Saturday). We will even have a barbecue to accompany the usual bar service!

W2 and the Valkyries successfully rowed on, and will be looking to bump into the top rowing-on division. The beer boat were less successful, but made an impression in other ways.

Unfortunately there will be no Vikings this year, as the majority of our finalists are still rowing full time.

Race Times are as follows:
W2 and W3 – 1.45pm
M3 – 2.20pm
M2 – 3:40pm
W1 – 5:15pm
M1 – 5:45pm

Races will be one hour earlier on Saturday.

We’ll be updating the website as often as possible, but for live news please check out our twitter feed.VIIIs

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