Torpids 2017-Day 4

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The sun was out (albeit in the morning and early afternoon) for the final day of Torpids. Crowds descended upon Boathouse Island to watch the action. This big question for Jesus today: Would W1 and M1 both achieve blades after entering Division 1 on Friday?

  • How many Blues does it take to not get bumped by Trinity M4? Well, more than 1, it appears as not even having Tom Commins at stroke could prevent the Vikings from getting bumped. In fairness to the Vikings, this gave Trinity blades, so they were clearly fearsome competitors.

  • Spurred on by yesterday’s close race, Jesus M3 were hopeful of a bump on the final day. An early bump by Balliol left Jesus chasing St. Hugh’s M2 – a boat which was quickly falling down the divisions. Jesus caught St. Hugh’s opposite Long Bridges, meaning that Jesus M3 ended +2 across the four days.

  • W2 were hoping for a rather straight forward last day of Torpids, chasing Worcester W2 who have been plummeting down Division 4 during their Torpids campaign. And so it was to be. Bumping Worcester before the gut, Jesus W2 managed to retain their original position on Wednesday.

  • Jesus M2 were beginning to get sick of seeing GTC behind them (this being the 4th consecutive start that they were being chased by them). Despite this, there was slight optimism within the crew regarding the chance of a bump on Wolfson M2, who were now just ahead of Jesus, after Wadham bumped them on Friday. GTC proved to be no issue for Jesus on Saturday, with clear water between the crews throughout the race. Despite closing on Wolfson, Jesus were not able to achieve a bump before Wolfson bumped St Peters M1 (who had already been bumped by Wadham), and so chasing Peter’s for a double overbump became the objective. Despite being clearly the faster crew, Jesus were not able to close the gap on Peters, and so they rowed over for a third consecutive day.

  • Being firmly in Division 1, the focus for Jesus W1 was now blades. The girls were grateful that they had moved up a Division, as Women’s Division 2 rowed past during a torrential downpour. The weather cleared by the time Women’s Division 1 had started however. Chasing Lincoln W1 (also on for blades) was not going to be an easy task for Jesus. With Lincoln bumping Magdalen W1 early on in the race, Jesus now had to get an overbump (nothing they aren’t used to!) to achieve blades. The bump on Magdalen was secured, rather conveniently in front of Jesus boathouse, packed to the rafters with supporters!

  • Half an hour later: make or break, this time for M1. A clinical warm up again had all crews around M1 running scared (according to bow man John Gardner). A quick start once again led to a bump on Pembroke M2 before Donny Bridge, earning M1 blades as well. Jesus M1 soared a total of 7 places this Torpids campaign – equalling the best Jesus Men’s crew result of all time!

W1 and M1 celebrate BLADES!

Many thanks to our wonderful coaches for making this all possible:

  • M1-Dan Bowen
  • W1-Jonathan Harrison
  • M2/M3-Sofia Hauck
  • W2-Hilary Smith
  • M4-The Vikings don’t need a coach!!!
Crew Saturday result Net result Final Position
M1 (BLADES!) +1 +7 Bungline 10, Div 1
W1 (BLADES!) +1 +5 Bungline 11, Div 1
M2 No change +2 Bungline 10, Div 3
W2 +1 No change Bungline 10, Div 4
M3 +1 +2 Bungline 2, Div 6
M4 -1 +1 Bungline 6, Div 6
Total +3 +17  


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