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Friday promised to be a truly memorable day for JCBC, with the potential for both W1 and M1 to enter Women’s Division 1 and Men’s Division 1 respectively. Despite none of the other 4 Jesus crews being in contention for blades, all the crews were still motivated to keep rising up the Divisions!

  • The Vikings (M4) continued their rise up Division 6, bumping Worcester M2, who proceeded to get bumped by 5 more crews during the race. M4 headship Friday saw Jesus M3 row over, despite a strong effort chasing a much more experienced Baliol M3. The distance between the two crews was reduced to a canvas as the boats passed the boathouses, but the resilience in the Baliol boat showed as they managed to edge away along Christ Church meadow
  • W2 looked to get back to rising up Division 4, after their rather unfortunate incident on Thursday that caused them to fall 2 places. They found themselves chasing fierce opposition in Baliol W2 who had been rising rather quickly up Division 4. Since Baliol bumped out early, Jesus had to look for an overbump, which they were nearly successful in achieving, by chasing down Worcester W2. However, the race course finished before they could catch up. It was a very amiable row from the crew, who comfortably held off Turl street rivals Lincoln W2 in the process.
  • After the events of Thursday, Jesus M2 were aware that their main task would be to hold off GTC. Though GTC never achieved overlap on Jesus like yesterday, it was still a rather nail-biting pursuit. Yet again, the result was that Jesus rowed over, ready to face GTC yet again tomorrow.
  • Staring second in Division 2, Jesus W1 were well aware of how significant a bump on Baliol would be. This would make them a so-called ‘sandwich boat’, which would give them the opportunity to gain entry in Division 1, something no Jesus crew has managed to achieve in over 30 years. The girls were confident of a bump on Baliol, who were on track to get spoons. This confidence was justified, with W1 bumping Baliol is clinical fashion in the gut. Now, W1 earned the place to chase New W1 for a fixe position in Division 1. In truly heroic fashion, the girls managed to get the bump literally metres from the end of the course, ending the over 30 year long curse.
  • Friday hailed the dawn of a new era for both first boats: a flagging SEH M1 were quickly reeled in by Jesus M1, with a bump just after Donny Bridge, less than 35 strokes into the race. +1 for the day so far. After a quick pit stop at the boathouse to let Women’s Division 1 go past, M1 took to the water again. Now came their chance to enter Division 1. Warming up below the gut, the fear of the other crews was tangible. The last minute and underhand distraction techniques of Trinity M1 were laughed off as Jesus M1 lined up for a shot at a fixed place in Division 1. Instant closure after the firing gun meant that the bump came on Trinity before Jesus had reached bungline 5. Unbeknownst to the crew, immediately before M1 bumped Trinity, New College, the crew 1 ahead, crashed into the bank: Jeus still managed to reel Trinity in before they bumped New, meaning a chain bump, a total of +3 for the day and the title of permanent Div1 crew.

You wait over 30 years for a Jesus crew to enter Division 1 of Torpids, and then two come along in the space of 30 minutes!

Crew Friday result Net result Start positon for Saturday Chasing Being Chased by
M1 +3 +6 Bungline 11, Div 1 Pembroke M2 Trinity M1
W1 +2 +4 Bungline 12, Div 2 Lincoln W1 (Most likely) New W1
M2 No change +2 Bungline 10, Div 3 Wolfson M2 Green Templeton
W2 No change -1 Bungline 11, Div 4 Worcester W2 Lincoln W3
M3 No change +1 Bungline 3, Div 6 Balliol M3 Keble M4
M4 +1 +2 Bungline 5, Div 6 Keble M4 Trinity M4
Total +6 +14      
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