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Though the weather looked up today, though the prospect of quintuple blades was slowly diminished, with 3 out of the 6 crews bumping. Jesus principal Nigel Shadbolt also made a showing to cheer on the Jesus contingent, joining in with the classic “JEEEEEEESUUUUS” chanting.

  • Men’s Division 6 saw M3 overbump Worcester 2 on Greenbanks, then Keble 2 bumped Worcester leaving our Vikings boat to go for the quadruple overbump on Worcester. To our dismay, Worcester held them at a canvas over the finish line.
  • After their wonderful bump yesterday, W2 looked strong rowing to the start line. A strong wind paired with an unfortunate line out of the gut led to a mocking embrace by the oncoming trees. The girls, led by Elliott Harman, quickly recovered, though not until two boats had rowed past, moving them down two for tomorrow’s race.
  • M2 had a nail-biting race, which was followed tensely over the tannoy. Green Templeton closed off the start, with overlap in the gut, but the legs of M2 prevailed. With constant power 10s, Jesus pulled away, GTC catching up each time. In the end Jesus walked away, leading both crews to row over.
  • Women’s Division 2 saw a fair amount of drama. Trinity gained off the start, worrying our W1, but luckily they decided to follow in Jesus W2’s footsteps and embrace the tree that kept on giving. W1 made the race their own down Greenbanks, hunting down the overbump on Teddy Hall. After the distance between the two boats dramatically decreased, a scrappy finish led to a contested bump on the line. Luckily Jesus W1 came out on top with the finish line Marshall confirming the bump. The quest for Division 1 continues.
  • M1 had a contrastingly smooth race, bumping Univ along Greenbanks, bringing the dream of bumping into Division 1 ever closer. M1 and W1 have fought the battle side by side, fingers crossed we can sail, hand in hand, to Division 1.

Hopefully this fortune and weather will hold out for tomorrow, and good luck to all the crews.

Crew Thursday result Net result Start positon for Friday Chasing Being Chased by
M1 +1 +3 Bungline 2, Div 2 St. Edmund Hall M1 University M1
W1 +1 +2 Bungline 2, Div 2 Balliol W1 St. Edmund Hall W1
M2 No change +2 Bungline 10, Div 3 Wadham M2 Green Templeton
W2 -2 -1 Bungline 11, Div 4 Balliol W2 Lincoln W3
M3 +1 +1 Bungline 3, Div 6 Balliol M3 Keble M4
M4 No change +1 Bungline 6, Div 6 Worcester M2 Trinity M4
Total +1 +8      


Report written by Lauren Jones

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