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A miserable day confronted the oarsmen/women of JCBC on the first day of Torpids. Though wind wasn’t a major issue, throughout most of the day, rainfall blighted the river. Nonetheless, Jesus excelled, with 5 out of 6 crews bumping! Here is a summary of the first days action:

  • Both Jesus M3 and M4 (customarily known as “The Vikings”) were in action in the first Division of the day (Men’s Div. 6). Currently, there is speculation that the two crews may well face each other over the coming days, an exciting prospect indeed. Lead by last year’s Isis stroke Tom Commins, M4 cruised to bump St. Benets. M3 fought hard to catch Corpus Christi II, but alas, they rowed over. This now leaves only Keble M4 between Jesus M3 and Jesus M4!
  • Bumps racing often comes with drama, and Women’s Division IV was no exception. This was caused by a nasty incident involving a University College rower catching a crab, and losing a fingernail! Jesus W2 managed to row past Univ (and hence bump them), though this was by no means the end of the story. After the race, Univ. submitted an appeal for the bumps that they incurred to be cancelled, and this was originally successful. However, later into the afternoon the appeal was overturned, and Jesus’ bump stood!
  • Jesus M2 found themselves almost at the bottom of Men’s Division 3, with only Green Templeton behind. Despite having to deal with very choppy water produced by the 11 crews ahead, they comfortably bumped Oriel M2 within the space of minutes (just after Donnington Bridge). With Oriel (as well as 3 other crews) also bumping Baliol M2, this put Jesus up two places, such that they start at bungline 10 tomorrow.
  • Jesus W1 had to work a bit longer than M2 for their bump on Trinity, though it was made in a prime location-right in front of Jesus boathouse. Now 3rd in Division 2, W1 are slowly edging towards entry into Division 1

  • Finally, M1 finished off proceedings for Jesus, with a bump that appeared almost too easy. Just seconds after the start gun, it was announced on the tannoy that they had bumped Lincoln. Like M2, M1 also went up two positions, since Lincoln managed to reach Worcester mere meters before the end of the course

Crew Wednesday result Start positon for Thursday Chasing Being Chased by
M1 +2 Bungline 3, Div 2 University M1 Lincoln M1
W1 +1 Bungline 3, Div 2 Lincoln W1 Trinity W1
M2 +2 Bungline 10, Div 3 Wadham M2 Green Templeton
W2 +1 Bungline 9, Div 4 Somerville W2 Linacre W2
M3 No change Bungline 4, Div 6 Corpus Christi M2 Keble M4
M4 +1 Bungline 6, Div 6 Keble M4 St Benet’s
Total +7      


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