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Christchurch Regatta 2016

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Christchurch Regatta 2016

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We would like to begin this post by apologising for the lack of news regarding the boat club over the past few months. We have had some IT issues which thankfully have been resolved, so updates should hopefully be more prompt from now on!

The big event of Michaelmas Term for novice rowers, Christchurch regatta, took place between 23rd-26th of November. Jesus fielded two mens and two womens crews (all 8+) to the event. Jesus MA performed extremely well, only to be knocked out in the 4th round by a very strong St Antony’s crew. Jesus MB had success in their first round race against St Hugh’s MA. WA also displayed great rowing prowess, getting to the quarter finals while having to pull a 100kg cox (JCBC men’s captain Keir Bowater) along with them in their later races.

It is safe to say there is a lot of emerging talent in JCBC… Well done to all involved!

Jesus MA

Jesus WA, after their first day racing at ChCh

A rower from WB wrote the following about her experience at Christchurch Regatta:

The experience of ChCh was a fantastic one! While mildly terrifying when we were initially told of it, it was a great thing to keep us motivated throughout the term and bond as a squad. As tough as some outings and some mornings were, we kept working through and ChCh felt like a just reward for it. While warming up in the boathouse, we all felt as if we were walking into the cave of a dragon. But between our wonderful captain, our coach and each other, we were ready, and we loved every minute of the actual race. Once we sat down in that boat and took the first strokes to get us to the starting line, we knew – this was it. This was what the early mornings, 2k tests and ergs were for. And we couldn’t wait for it to start. Whether we would catch a crab during the starting sequence and fail horribly or
win the whole thing, we were doing it as a boat and we were already loving it. Thank you for the wonderful support JCBC and Cad club!

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